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LONGi LR4-60HPH-380M 380W Monofacial

SKU: LON-1217

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Techinical Details

Hi-MO 4m has many advantages. The 60-cell modules can be perfectly adapted to different roofs. Among them, the size and weight of the 60-cell module make it the most suitable for convenient installation by a one person, and is mainly installed on household roofs. The current of Hi-MO 4m module perfectly matches various brands of string inverter, power optimizers, and microinverters. Its standardized module width makes the module compatible with tiling, tilt and four-point installation methods.

Manufacturer Part Number: LR4-60HPH-380M
Power (Pmax): 380W
Voltage (Vmp): 34.8V
Voltage (Voc): 41.3V
Current (Imp): 10.92A
Current (Isc): 11.69A
Size and Type: 120 Split cell, Mono-Crystalline
Connector Type:  MC4
Max Series Fuse Rating: 20A
Shipping Weight: 42.9 lb
Shipping dimensions: 69.1 X 40.9 X 1.38 in
Pallet Qty: 30

Data Sheet

Product Datasheet

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Product Installation Manual

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